Holiday piece No. 27


At the end of every year I send out a holiday piece to friends and family who have had an impact on my life that year (although it’s usually at the start of the new year by the time I complete them). This year I made just a plain ol’ greeting card, and thought I’d share it with my virtual audience, too. Thanks for taking the time to visit this blog or follow my weekly Watusi webcomic. It’s much appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Holiday piece No. 27

  1. Great card, Dale! Unfortunately my plans for a Christmas comic fell through again this year (I did write a Christmas musical so does that sort of count?). Hope you’re having a Happy Christmas!


    1. I think a Christmas musical sounds like a much bigger accomplishment … and probably reached– and pleased– a bigger audience than my card was able to! Hope your x-mas is a good one, too!


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