The bull(-headed) Moose



It took me a while to track down the artwork for this comic (which is at least as accurate as your average TV biopic), but “‘Murica”, the MSCA art show coming up next month, gave me the impetus to do so. That gallery show is in conjunction with the play The Complete History of America (abridged), but when I learned the venue was asking for “editorial politico cartoon style entries that are irreverent and fun but not so far from “center” that anyone would be made truly uncomfortable” I immediately thought of the uninspiring comic “Mallard Fillmore”, and became uninspired myself. Fortunately, while talking with another group member, I remembered this piece (& how it would fit the theme), which I sepia toned to use as a print to display there. Plus, cleaning up the artwork for this puts me one page closer to finishing my Larry’s Kitchen (where this comic first appeared) archival project…

[January 2023 UPDATE: this post originally appeared on my now-closed Patreon page.]

One busy day…


I’ve been scanning more pieces from the seven & a half years of my Larry’s Kitchen zines; this piece comes from the first extended project I did there, a calendar of weird holidays & events. Of course, that project– which dated from the days before Wikipedia (heck, Google was barely a year old!)– now seems as dated as 20-year old editorial cartoons.  C’est la vie…

[January 2023 UPDATE: this post originally appeared on my now-closed Patreon page.]

Hot off the press: Sultana!

When I contribute comics to anthologies, I like to wait at least a year before I reprint them in one of my own publications. Sultana, originally published in 2017’s 901 Comics Anthology #1 recently passed that milestone, and I’m happy to give it a home in my own catalog with this new print edition. I had originally set out to tell a Memphis-centric ghost story for that anthology of locally created comics, but my research led me instead to the tale of the Sultana, the true story of the worst maritime disaster in U.S. history. It happened just upriver from Memphis; you can read more about the tragic tale on the Sultana Musuem website.

In fact, it was a visit to that museum that led me to make a couple of revisions to my original story, reflected in this new edition. The original comic got a good response from those who have read it, and I hope this new edition will have a similar reaction.

Sultana debuts this Saturday (April 13th) at Bookstock, the Memphis Public Library’s local author festival, from 11-3 at the Benjamin L. Hooks Library, 3030 Poplar. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been to a proper literary event, and I’m really excited about it. I’ll have an author table there to talk up Sultana as well as my Watusi comics. It’s a free event, so stop by and say hi if you can!

Sultana is an 8-page black & “white” (interiors are on ivory paper) standard comic w/full-color wraparound cover. You can order it directly from me, postpaid in the US for $4.50 … or become one of my Patreon patrons during the month of April 2019 at the Correspondent or Art Lover level & I’ll mail you a copy! (Plus, joining gives you immediate access to other online bonus comics, including a full-color Human Spring adventure!)

[Feb 2020 UPDATE: You can now order a copy of Sultana (with or without the accompanying print) from my new Square store!]
[January 2023 UPDATE: I’ve closed my Patreon page.]