Holiday piece No. 27


At the end of every year I send out a holiday piece to friends and family who have had an impact on my life that year (although it’s usually at the start of the new year by the time I complete them). This year I made just a plain ol’ greeting card, and thought I’d share it with my virtual audience, too. Thanks for taking the time to visit this blog or follow my weekly Watusi webcomic. It’s much appreciated!

It’s “Draw Kid Eternity Day”!

My friend and Double Dip co-conspirator Tom Cherry declared today “Draw Kid Eternity Day.” The Kid is a character I don’t know that well, though I do remember him from his brief tenure as part of the Marvel Family’s supporting cast in stories drawn by the great Don Newton. It did make an odd kind of sense to add Kid Eternity to the roster of characters DC acquired from Fawcett, given the similarities between his origin and that of Captain Marvel Jr.