Holiday piece No. 27


At the end of every year I send out a holiday piece to friends and family who have had an impact on my life that year (although it’s usually at the start of the new year by the time I complete them). This year I made just a plain ol’ greeting card, and thought I’d share it with my virtual audience, too. Thanks for taking the time to visit this blog or follow my weekly Watusi webcomic. It’s much appreciated!

It’s contest time! Name this character, win a drawing!


Try as I might, I just can’t seem to find a name for this guy that I’m happy with, even after featuring him in a story in Doghouse Funhouse #1! But, since he’ll have a bit part in the current Watusi storyline, it’s high time to get it figured out! While the names of his buddies (l-r) Chuck, Emma, and Kirby came with no problem and seem to fit them just right, I still haven’t found anything that quite suits him. Here’s a little background on the character: he’s a 10-year old classmate of his friends, and gets along with them pretty well. He’s smart (like Kirby), but downplays it. His family is pretty well off, and he lives in the tony part of Wonder Valley, but doesn’t flaunt it Richie Rich style. In fact, his parents send him to public school just so that their wealth doesn’t go to his head. He’s not a goof-off, but (partly because he’s so smart) he doesn’t have to work very hard at school, so doesn’t take things too seriously. Who knows, maybe he’ll grow up to be a slacker… Continue reading “It’s contest time! Name this character, win a drawing!”