Art and Illustration

I was born and raised in the rectangular state of Kansas, where I discovered the wonders of comic storytelling at an early age, first in newspaper strips and then in monthly comics from DC and Marvel. In my teens I began writing and drawing my own comics and I never looked back! After graduating from the University of Kansas with degrees in Art History and Design, I continued living and cartooning in the Midwest.

I have always thought of cartoon storytelling as the highest form of my art. As “Li’l Abner” creator Al Capp said, “no artist who can write should avoid words; no author who can draw should avoid drawing.” While my main body of work and extensive publication history reflect that storytelling focus, collected in comic books and published online, I also have a sideline of making paintings, prints, and providing illustrations for select clients. My work in all media and formats has a handcrafted aesthetic; I’m interested in making images in a direct fashion that doesn’t hide the hand-drawn aspect of my cartooning.

In 2015 I relocated to Memphis, where I’ve worked at finding my place in the Mid-South’s art scene.

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