Hot off the press: Copy This! #49


Yeah, hot off the press… just not off my press!

I was lucky enough to be the subject of D. Blake Werts’ 30-page feature interview in the new issue of his fine info/news zine, Copy This! He asked some great questions that touched upon my work in comics and other art, influencers, libraries, webcomics, art history, the value of a creative peer group, collages, comic shops & cons, and lots lots more. Blake may regret letting me ramble on that much, but I had a great time. And I don’t think I stuck foot into mouth, either!

Interested? Contact me at the address in the footer of this page, and I’ll see if I can hook you up!

7 Comments to “Hot off the press: Copy This! #49”

  1. I got a copy, thanks to your suggestion! Now I must act like a Libra and send him something.

  2. It was a great interview, Dale! Found it funny my first sample of COPY THIS! would feature a good friend! That qualifies as serendipity, right?

  3. Tom! Not to mention you had a featured review!

  4. It really is a great interview. So hard to believe how many “copy this” issues blake has done! wow!

    • I know what you mean! When I see a one-person operation like Blake– or the late Tim Corrigan— put out such a high-quality publication on a monthly basis, it feels like I’m doing something wrong!

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