“How to draw comics the Dale Martin way”

As I was working on a talking head sequence for my next publication, I couldn’t help but think of this oldie, so I dug it up for you. Enjoy?

This dates from March 2000 (APA-5 #303); I presented a lot of the content for my “Larry’s Kitchen” zine (especially early on) as myself, so it seemed like in those days I was drawing more talking head self-portraits than was healthy! At least in the new piece, “I” have Watusi to banter with…

(Of course, like all GeoCities pages, the old APA-5 website is long gone. But if you’re curious about the hand lettering technique I mentioned, you can still find it here.)

2 thoughts on ““How to draw comics the Dale Martin way”

  1. that’s really cool. i remember those older drawing groups. it’s funny, i was so intimidated by them when i started out but i’m part of one now. it’s called “squad car”. it takes effort to contribute (and time) but it’s fun. awesome work as always, dale! i owe you mail and i just about have something new ready to send. keep on keepin on!….billy


    1. I really enjoyed my time with APAs, but I don’t know how I managed to be so productive during those years! Wish I could remember…


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