It’s “Draw Hiram Lodge Day” for 2012!

My friend and Double Dip co-conspirator Tom Cherry declared today the second annual “Draw Hiram Lodge Day”. I had such fun with last year’s festivities that I’m glad to celebrate it again. While I’m not that well-versed in how Mr. Lodge came by his fortune, I think this might be as likely a way as any. It would certainly explain all the rare and valuable antiques in his house…

Thanks again for the holiday, Tom!

6 thoughts on “It’s “Draw Hiram Lodge Day” for 2012!

  1. So that’s how Lodge got all of his money! Of course, when he did open the safe, he just found Scrooge McDuck swimming around in all that loot! Another excellent Lodge drawing, Dale! Thanks for participating!

    1. I really love your drawing, Jack. Of course, I’m a big Doc Savage fan, so it’s right up my alley…

  2. Nice one! I love when my pop culture icons merge like this in a way that is fun, and also has a certain (sometimes twisted) logic to it. I didn’t get around to doing Mr. Lodge this year. But if this is an annual tradition now, I’ve always got next year, and that would also mean there’s another Draw Jackie Joker Day coming up soon, right?

    1. Glad you enjoyed this, Ivan– I had a lot of fun with it. Not sure what Tom has scheduled next, but keep an eye out at The Tom Cherry Experience for future announcements. I think he plans to keep throwing new subjects out to celebrate, but I wouldn’t mind another crack at “Draw Captain Caveman Day” since I missed the boat on that one…

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