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August 2, 2019

Hot off the press: Double Dip #2!

Double Dip is the book that Tom Cherry and I publish together at an “occasional” (to be charitable) rate, and I’m thrilled to announce that the new issue is finally complete & ready for your hot little hands! Even though getting our schedules in sync for these comics can feel like aligning the sun and moon for an eclipse, it’s been great to team up again with Tom to bring you what is now my new favorite issue!

Of course, a lot of its charm is due to Tom’s 7-page “Little Arlo” gem. I won’t spoil it by saying anything more about it, other than to say it brought me great happiness from beginning to end when I read it!

My 6-page story this issue features Watusi & friends, picking up from the end of last issue wherein they met a dog from outer space that could turn into any breed of dog. And, as it turned out, a monkey! Apparently I didn’t learn my lesson from last time, though, as this story ends on yet another cliffhanger. Fortunately, as Tom said, this means that there’s a Double Dip #3 coming in the future. The near future, I hope. Or at least not another (yikes!) eight-year gap…

As I said above, I am really happy with how this one turned out– ask for it at your comic shop of choice, or contact Tom or me (see my address in footer of this page) to get your hands on your own copy. Double Dip #2 is a 16-page black & white digest w/full-color cover. It’s postpaid in the U.S. for $3.00 … or become one of my Patreon patrons during the month of August 2019 at the Correspondent or Art Lover level & I’ll mail you a copy! (Plus, joining gives you immediate access to other online bonus comics, including a full-color Human Spring adventure!)

I hope you’re as thrilled to read these new stories as we are to present them to you!


May 4, 2019

Hot off the press for Free Comic Book Day 2019: Watusi #39!

It’s been a number of years since I last made a new comic for Free Comic Book Day, the annual day when participating comic book shops across North America give away comic books absolutely FREE to anyone who visits their stores. This year, I’m happy to say, changes that!

Watusi #39 is a special webcomic primer issue; after ten years and a dozen different storylines, a lot of content has accumulated on, home of my talking dog’s weekly online adventure strip. I figured providing a little guide to all that content would be helpful to acclimate new readers (as well as being a good refresher for long-time readers who only visit the strip from time to time (versus living in it like I do!)) … and this project is what FCBD is all about– sharing good comics with new readers! It’s a 16-page black & white digest w/full-color wraparound cover.

I’ll be distributing copies at Memphis’ own 901 Comics (2162 Young Ave, Memphis, TN 38104) on Saturday, May 4th, FCBD! Can’t make it there? Then it’s still your lucky weekend, because on May 4-5, 2019 you can score a FREE .pdf version of this issue from my online store!

[May 2019 UPDATE: even though FCBD is over, the .pdf version of this issue is still available in my online store for $2.00; the print edition is just $3.00 postpaid in the U.S. (see address in footer of this page)]

Any day is a great day to read comics, but Free Comic Book Day is an especially good one; thanks for making my site one of your stops!

February 7, 2019

I have a question for you…

… if you already read my Watusi the Talking Dog comic online– or maybe especially if you DON’T– what kind of information did/would you like to know before you dive/d into a new body of work? After nearly 10 years and more than that many different storylines, I feel the need to provide an easy introduction for new readers … so I’m assembling a webcomic primer issue of Watusi to serve that function. While I try to make work that is accessible to new readers, I’m often too involved in the process to see things from the reader’s POV. I would love to quench your thirst for understanding (& give you a better reading experience)!

Chime in below & feel free to share …

December 30, 2018

Hot off the press: Watusi #38!

For the first time in a long, long time I’m happy to announce the release of a new Watusi digest comic! I’ve long been fascinated by the Chinese Zodiac (more so than the Greek one), and this 38th digest issue is my long-overdue “Year of the Dog” issue. It features collaborative comic contributions from Tom Cherry, Rusty Mathis, Mark Morehouse, Keith O’Brien, Kemmer, & Joel Pfannenstiel, plus a 4-page story from Bob Corby’s Oh Comics! #22 (2014), a color centerspread, and my first wraparound cover in 25 years … tho if my plans for 2019 work out, it won’t be my last!

While it may have taken me longer to complete this “Year of the Dog” issue than I’d hoped … at least I got it done faster than my unsuccessful attempt at one in 2006! I’m glad it didn’t take me another 12 years to get it into reader hands!

16-page black & white digest w/full-color cover postpaid in the U.S. for $3.00; (see address in footer of this page).

I hope you’ll order a copy and give it a read!

September 30, 2016

Hot off the press: Watusi and the Emerald Serpent!


Well, maybe more “warm out of the oven,” since I’ve taken this collection to my last two events (with two more on the horizon: the Memphis Comic Expo, Oct. 22-23 and Wichita’s Air Capital Comiccon, Nov. 12-13) . But with the print copies now in hand, and my shipping costs figured out, I’m happy to share these comics with those of you who aren’t able to catch me at one of my appearances!

Watusi and the Emerald Serpent is the story of an ordinary talking dog thrown out of his comfort zone into a crime-ridden island paradise! Watusi finds himself pitted against an outlaw gang and its lunatic leader in his most epic adventure yet! Inspired by the Kenneth Robeson Doc Savage novels and Floyd Gottfredson’s “Mickey Mouse” strips, this story may be my favorite project so far. Certainly my favorite Watusi story.

As I wrote a couple of months ago, I’ve been working on a print edition of this story, and I’m very pleased with how it turned out. This print edition has been edited and expanded from the story as it was first published online (46 of its 84 pages have new &/or updated content), and I think the changes help the story flow much better. And look better, too! In addition to interior art improvements, I’m also really happy with the full-color covers– I think it’s my best color work to date– and the full-color guest art from JB Winter, Billy McKay, Mike Sullivan, and Tom Cherry really rounds out the package in a classy way. As you can tell, I’m trying hard not to overdo the hyperbole, but I’m really proud of these comics, and hope everyone who reads these issues enjoys them as much as I did making them!

You can order all seven 16-page issues (b&w interiors with full-color covers) as a set from my online store & have them delivered right to your mailbox.

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July 20, 2016

Taking a break

I’ve been sticking to a twice-monthly schedule of posts here for a full year now, and it’s been a good exercise for me. I’ve been happy with the range of content I’ve included, finally devoting time to topics I’ve meant to write about for quite some time (such as APA-5, my stencil coloring method, my interview with Tom Cherry, and even SpongeBob Comics). As with my webcomic, I appreciate those of you who take the time to read (and even comment on) my ramblings here. Some posts turned out to be meatier than others, of course, which was part of the variety I was aiming for. But I’ve decided to step back from that frequency for the foreseeable future…

It’s time for me to rein extraneous activities in for a bit, and buckle down to my drawing table. I’ve got big plans for my fall convention schedule (confirmed: Memphis Comic Expo, Oct. 22-23 and Air Capital Comiccon, Nov. 12-13) and holiday market events that will I feel will be a better use of my time than posting just to keep on a set schedule. I’ll continue to pop in from time to time with some art or an update on my project, but it will be on a less rigid– and more infrequent– schedule.

What project is so important, you may ask? Well, I’ve never really gone back and revisited or edited past work before, but it’s high time (past time, actually) I collected my Watusi webcomics in a print edition. It’s been an interesting challenge so far: looking at the work as a completed project, but giving it a final edit separate from its original creation, and adding new scenes or tidier drawings where needed. I’m excited about the form it’s taking and feel it will be worth the effort. Here’s a teaser image to tide you over until release (which I plan to have ready for this fall’s events):


Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your summer!

October 2, 2015

Hot off the press: Watusi #30!

Watusi #30 cover artFor the first time in a long, long time I’m happy to announce the release of a new Watusi digest comic! The 30th issue collects for the first time “Moviestar Mania”, an interactive Watusi storyline that was originally printed in a number of different publications. That story was my first attempt at an ongoing Watusi comic strip (ca. 2003-2009), and features story contributions from Charlee Glinka, JB Winter, David McGhee, Ed Schultheis, Carson Demmans, Tom Cherry, and Erin Pfannenstiel. It’s a 16-page black & white digest w/full-color covers, and is available in two formats:

  • A .pdf version is available in my online store for $1.50.
  • A print edition is available for $2.50 postpaid in the US (see address in footer of this page).

I hope you’ll give it a read!

September 20, 2013

Hot off the press: Watusi #29!

Watusi29CoverForWebI’m excited to be appearing at this weekend’s Project: Comic Con in St. Louis, and am even releasing a new Watusi digest in celebration! Here’s the scoop:

It’s an old-school collection of Watusi jam comics as Dale (finally) works through some of the strips that backlogged in his studio over the last few years. The issue showcases the talents of Joel Pfannenstiel, Ivan Martin, Brian Payne, Mark Morehouse, Drew Boynton, Owen Egan, T. Avery, Aaron T., Brien Wayne Powell, Tom Cherry, Larned Justin, Keith O’Brien, and Mike Leuszler in a variety of improvised one-page comics. 16-page black & white digest w/full-color cover for $1.50.

If you can’t make it to the show, you can find copies at Astrokitty Comics & More in Lawrence next Wednesday, or at my table during the upcoming Free State Comicon. Of course, I’m also not averse to readers contacting me directly…

(Don’t fret– contributor copies will be shipping in the new week, too)

[August 2015 UPDATE: a .pdf version of this issue is also available in my online store!]

July 2, 2013

Hot off the press: Watusi #28!

Watusi28ColorCoverHappy new comic book day! On July 3rd, Smeary Soapbox Press once again joins the ranks of publishers with newly-released comics with the first new Watusi digest in far too long! Here’s the scoop:

In the first story in Watusi #28, Watusi tries to get help from his friends and neighbors in Wonder Valley in order to return W-Tusi25 — the talking dog of the future — back to his home in the 26th century. In the second story, W-Tusi25 is swept up in the timestream, only to be deposited in a most dire situation! With story and art by Dale Martin (collecting the storyline from, the issue guest stars Professor Harvey, Mitchell, Minerva Stone, Rocket Rockne, and [SPOILER AVOIDER!]; the issue is topped off with a bonus jam comic by Keith O’Brien and Brien Wayne Powell. 16-page black & white digest w/full-color cover for $1.50.

You can find copies at Astrokitty Comics & More in Lawrence right now, or at my table during fall conventions. While I don’t have my full tour schedule figured out, I’m planning to hit a couple of shows in the area, and will share the info once I finalize dates. Of course, I’m also not averse to readers contacting me directly…

[August 2015 UPDATE: a .pdf version of this issue is also available in my online store!]

October 23, 2012

Anniversary year: 10 years of Watusi the Talking Dog

I guess 2002 was a pretty productive year for me. In addition to creating my favorite neglected character, I also started publishing the comic that has dominated my output ever since … Watusi the Talking Dog!

Watusi the Talking Dog (the concept) first appeared in 2000, beginning as the featured character in an experiment in quick storytelling. After I had the chance to teach cartooning workshops to jr hi school students, I wanted to come up with a more “hands on” activity for them, a way for them to complete a comic during a single class session. Students would draw one panel at a time (following from one of my starter panels), then switch with a classmate until the story was done. My hope was to draw their creativity out without forcing them to worry about the whole story or become frustrated by a blank page. While I didn’t have many opportunities to practice this in a classroom setting, I was lucky enough to have it catch the fancy of some of the cartoonists I know. I got help from my fellow APA-5ers along with some non-artists I knew, and soon filled enough completed strips– along with some of my blank starter panels– to flesh out an issue. I kind of did it as a lark, just to get it out there to share the format with other artists who might want to jam with me on an all-ages comic, and to promote the work of the participants at the same time.

Surprisingly, it caught on in a big way, and by the time SPACE 2003 rolled around, I had three issues full of comics from fellow artists, including collaborators I’d never have met without this project! At that show I was much more enthused about this new series than the collections of my other current project, the increasingly-political “Continuity and Vine” strip. I made a concerted pitch among artists to get new participants, and shortly after that show I had enough strips for the fourth issue, and things continued after that at a consistent pace for a number of years.

Eventually, though, new participants stopped joining in the game, especially as fewer of my peers made and exchanged physical comics through the mail. By this time, though, I had started exploring Watusi as a character, developing his setting and bringing in characters from an earlier project (ironically, a project derailed by “C&V”, which had in short order been replaced by Watusi) to act as his supporting cast.

While my print output has slowed considerably over the past couple of years (that’s what I get for ending Watusi #27 on a cliffhanger, I suppose!), the character has been thriving in my weekly webcomic. Next year is looking rosier on the print front, too, as I plan to finally get the epic “Isla Esmerelda” storyline into print. For more on the Watusi print series to date, read more about it here.