Hot off the press: Watusi’s Doghouse Funhouse #2!

This collection of kid-friendly comics has been a l_o_o_o_o_n_g time coming, as I sure my contributors can attest! Originally planned as a 2010 followup to the first issue (and tied in with the watery summer reading theme at the library I was then working at), a few different things– including a never completed collaboration featuring the title character– conspired to keep it from coming together. But I’m glad to say it’s finally complete and that it turned out really well!

In addition to my own comic stories featuring Watusi and other members of his supporting cast, it features contributions from some of my favorite creators: a Thunderdawg epic by Mike Sullivan, Magnet Man by Brien Wayne Powell, Doggie & Jilly by Drew Boynton, and Little Arlo by Tom Cherry! Plus comics from JB Winter,  Ivan Martin, Joyce Steiner, and Paige Kallenberger.

It’s a 48-page black & white digest w/full-color covers, and is available by mail for $7.00 postpaid in the US directly from me. Additionally, you can find copies at my booth in the Memphis Arts Collective Show and Sale (through Xmas Eve), and a special sale in Lawrence to support a worthy cause (details coming soon; look for an announcement on my Twitter and Watusi’s Facebook feeds). I hope you’ll give it a read– I’m really proud of this book!

[Feb 2020 UPDATE: You can now order a copy of Doghouse Funhouse #2 (and the first issue, too) from my new Square store!]

Hot off the press: Watusi’s Doghouse Funhouse #1!

"It was in all the papers!" -or- Mail call (pt. 2 of 8)My new Watusi comic, the first in far too long, is a giant-sized issue featuring work from some of my favorite cartoonists: Tom Cherry, Drew Boynton, Matt Levin, Mike Sullivan, Bill Hook, Mark Morehouse, JB Winter, and Ivan Martin! We all contributed stories & art designed specifically for younger readers, and I’m really happy with how it turned out! You can find out more about it at the Smeary Soapbox Press shop at, where those of you out of the area can easily get hold of a copy if so inclined (if you’re in the Lawrence area, you can pick one up at AstroKitty, of course).

Watusi’s Doghouse Funhouse #1 is a 52-page black & white digest w/full-color covers.

[Feb 2020 UPDATE: You can now order a copy of Doghouse Funhouse #1 (and the second issue, too) from my new Square store!]
[January 2023 UPDATE: this post originally appeared as a footer to that week’s Watusi episode.]