I have a question for you…

… if you already read my Watusi the Talking Dog comic online– or maybe especially if you DON’T– what kind of information did/would you like to know before you dive/d into a new body of work? After nearly 10 years and more than that many different storylines, I feel the need to provide an easy introduction for new readers … so I’m assembling a webcomic primer issue of Watusi to serve that function. While I try to make work that is accessible to new readers, I’m often too involved in the process to see things from the reader’s POV. I would love to quench your thirst for understanding (& give you a better reading experience)!

Chime in below & feel free to share …

2 thoughts on “I have a question for you…

  1. Catching up on a bunch of old emails – including about 25 to 30 Watusi installments – which is why this reply is so late.

    For a primer, there are a few obvious things to include –
    1) Short character bios of the main characters, plus the key recurring characters he might not show up often (like Emmet).
    2) Bios should have either a small headshot of the character, or (maybe better) a key panel or two from a story.
    3) A bit of info on the locale, possibly including a map of Wonder Valley, with key spots noted (like the library, the police station, etc.)
    4) Your website, contact info, and social media outlets (including FB, Twitter, etc.)

    Less obvious things that I think would be worth including:
    a) If you are interested in doing more 4-panel jams, a couple of starter panels and one or two completed strips. If not, skip this.
    b) A shopping list of available issues of Watusi (print & PDF) – maybe one page for Watusi and 1 page for all of the other stuff – or group it all together (I really like your listings that remind me of the old Mile High Comics ads from the late 70s and early 80s)
    c) Possibly a short summary (major highlights only) of the key stories – ideally 1 page per major story, but a maximum of 2 pages per storyline, and a 2-page recap should probably have a key panel or two included. And key panel doesn’t have to mean a consequential one – maybe just one that you like the visual look of, or that highlights one of the supporting characters or villains from that story arc.


    1. Better late than never, Ivan! 🙂

      We must be on a similar wavelength, because I did include many of your suggestions in Watusi’s webcomic primer. I was wanting to keep it to the length (16 pages) of the regular Watusi issues, but I still managed to touch upon the major storylines & include some “meet the cast” info. The advert was pretty much Watusi-only, though, but I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying my nostalgic design choices!

      No map of Wonder Valley, but that is something lurking in my sketchbooks. Possibly as bonus content for the “Purloined Pocketwatch” print edition…


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