Stocking the virtual newsstand

For a while now, I’ve been playing around with the idea of publishing my comics as digital editions in addition to my print releases, largely as a way to reach readers who aren’t able to visit me at the shows I’m able to attend. Some of those early editions have been linked to previous blog posts here, but now I’m collecting them all in one central location … and I’m pleased to announce that my store is finally ready to open its doors! In order to give my store the best shakedown possible, all titles are FREE (yes, FREE) for the month of August 2015! (so tell your friends)

StoreOpeningWhile my intention is to release new issues as simultaneous print/.pdf editions, I’m starting things off with a selection of ten backlist titles, picked largely for their ease of conversion to .pdf format:

  • Watusi the Talking Dog #26-29 (the latest issues, from 2008-present)
  • Double Dip #1 (a book from 2011 that’s half my work, half Tom Cherry‘s!)
  • Free-for-All #1-2 (the Free Comic Book Day titles I did with Mike Sullivan in 2012 & 2013)
  • 20 from 920 (jam comics from 2005; read more about it here)
  • Days of Wine and Anthrax (the second “Continuity and Vine” collection, from 2002; read about it here)
  • Infamous First Appearance– The Guy With a Hammer! #1 (my very first comic, from 1982; read about it here)

Please download as many titles as interest you, and feel free to pass your experiences with the shopping interface– and the comics themselves, of course– my way. I’d really like to smooth out any problems that crop up before I begin asking for money for these digital editions. By the way, my store is hosted by Selz, and I’ve been pretty happy with how easy it has been to use so far. Since I wanted to have the option of selling both physical and digital items, it seemed to serve my needs the best, especially as I take my first steps into the e-commerce marketplace. Print pricing is a bit problematic given postage expenses, so I haven’t added any of those options yet. In the mean time, feel free to contact me if you would like any print editions, and we’ll work out a mail order solution.


5 Comments to “Stocking the virtual newsstand”

  1. Congratulations on the store, Dale1 Wishing you much success!

    • Yeah, I’ve had some takers already. Hopefully I can get useful reactions during this trial period, because there are a few more of my backlist titles I’d like to add to the store over time, though some need a fair amount of prep before they’re ready…

    • Opps! Meant “Dale!”, but you are #1 in my book! Comic or otherwise!

  2. Look, a satisfied customer! Check out this review from The Real Matt Show. Thanks, Matt!

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