While it seems my bill-paying job uses up too many of my waking hours to do much more than keep on top of my weekly Watusi deadline, I have managed to complete stories this year for two anthology books that have recently seen print:

OhComics2014Oh, Comics! #22, the “Time” issue features a new four-page Watusi comic. One of the things I want to do this year is take advantage of anthology opportunities and local art shows, so publisher Bob Corby’s deadline reminder came at just the right time, since it gave me a chance to see how my work measures up in context to that of my peers, including Pam Bliss, Matt Feazell, Kel Crum, and Matt Levin … and I was happy to see I’m holding my own! You can get more info about– and order– this classy trade paperback from Back Porch Comics here. I may not have been able to attend SPACE, but it felt good to be connected to it vicariously thanks to this book!

Keith O’Brien released his latest Samurai Slate collection, “Pungent, or, Starting With a Clean Slate”, on Free Comic Book Day, and it features a one-page story of his I drew. Keith’s writing on this character packs as many puns as possible into a minicomic page, and I find them challenging (in a good way) to draw. Once again I find myself in stellar company, including Batton Lash, Brad Foster, and cover artist Tom Cherry. Find out how to get your own copy from Keith at The Forbidden Falls Kourier.

4 thoughts on “Anthologized

  1. Happy to hear you had a story in the latest OH, COMICS! It sounds like you were in good company! And I hope you picked up some new fans as well!

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