50 cent finds: Don’t try this at home

AtomicRabbitAtomic Rabbit & Friends #1 (ACG, 1996) is a fairly generic compilation of old Charlton funny animal heroes originally published in various comics from the 1940s & 50s. It features characters such as Atomic Rabbit/Bunny, Atom the Cat, Atomic Mouse, and– best of all– Superdog!

Why best of all? Because this story, by Ellis Holly Chambers, features the must inexplicably bizarre origin story ever! And remember, this is from the medium that brought us “criminal falls into a vat of acid, and survives to be trained by monks to use his shape-changing powers”…

Check it out following this break:


It’s good to know that no matter how unscrupulous I may make my characters, they’ll still be better role models than “The Spirit of Comic Book Super Animals!”

You can read the whole story in its original full-color glory (from Zoo Funnies #5, 1946) here, thanks to the fine folks at The Digital Comic Museum.

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