It’s contest time! Name this character, win a drawing!


Try as I might, I just can’t seem to find a name for this guy that I’m happy with, even after featuring him in a story in Doghouse Funhouse #1! But, since he’ll have a bit part in the current Watusi storyline, it’s high time to get it figured out! While the names of his buddies (l-r) Chuck, Emma, and Kirby came with no problem and seem to fit them just right, I still haven’t found anything that quite suits him. Here’s a little background on the character: he’s a 10-year old classmate of his friends, and gets along with them pretty well. He’s smart (like Kirby), but downplays it. His family is pretty well off, and he lives in the tony part of Wonder Valley, but doesn’t flaunt it Richie Rich style. In fact, his parents send him to public school just so that their wealth doesn’t go to his head. He’s not a goof-off, but (partly because he’s so smart) he doesn’t have to work very hard at school, so doesn’t take things too seriously. Who knows, maybe he’ll grow up to be a slacker…

By the way, you might think I’m trying to swipe Alfred E. Neuman, but that’s not my intent. Until I colored this drawing I didn’t even know what color his hair was (and while I did try others, this was the one that felt right)! Besides, it’s not like Alfred E. Neuman was created out of whole cloth to begin with (find out more than you probably want to know here).

As for the contest, I’m looking for a few specifics for his name– ideally, it would be a name that’s not a shortened version of his real longer name (like Chuck and Emma’s names) and not end in a “y” sound (like Kirby’s). I’m not planning for this to be a popularity contest, but rather pick my favorite name from among those submitted. The prize– an original drawing of the character– will go to the first person who submits that name, as chosen by me. Entries can be submitted in the comments section below, or e-mailed or posted to me at the contact addresses at the bottom of this page. Everyone else who submits an entry will be entered into a prize drawing of some sort (quite likely for an upcoming issue of Watusi’s print comic), so be sure to include some sort of contact info, in case of a prize-related followup. Deadline will be October 20, 2013 (following my convention appearances at Project: Comic Con and Free State Comicon). Good luck, and thanks for the help!

And, in a case of great minds thinking alike, “There’s Something Happening in Crawford, Kansas”‘s Mike Sullivan is running a contest of his own to rename one of the characters in his strip! See here for the details, but do it quick– his contest deadline is September 10, 2013!

18 thoughts on “It’s contest time! Name this character, win a drawing!

  1. My vote is Blake. He just looks like a Blake to me. & don’t worry, if you pick my name I promise we won’t end up in court like McFarlane & Gaiman. Thanks for the fun contest Dale!

  2. Oh, no! The only litigation I had thought about was a cease and desist from “MAD”! Guess there’s no restful sleep for Dale tonight…

    Thanks for the entry, Brien!

    1. Thanks, Dano! Also, for those keeping track at home, a suggestion from my day job: “Alan” (ca. 11:30), and from facebook: “Andy” (ca. 2:30).

    1. Hmmm… That name certainly isn’t from my usual source for references …. which is why I’m asking for help, after all! Thanks for adding to the list of contest entries!

  3. Dale, your description of the character reminded me a lot of my nephew Andrew – who has NEVER gone by Andy or by Drew. That would give him an idiosyncratic quirk of nicely correcting people who try to call him either of those, and at the same time avoid having a name that ends with “y” and also not make his name a shortened version of anything. My nephew is a pretty smart kid, but a bit of a slacker, not quite sure what he wants to do. He’s an Eagle Scout, but I think that’s primarily due to being pushed a lot by his parents (my sister and brother-in-law).

    1. Thanks for the entry! Y’know I thought “Drew” might have potential, but had never thought of it as a shorter version of something else! This nickname thing is a tough problem for someone who’s never had to deal with it in real life…

  4. Hey, I worked with that kid before! All four of them, come to think of it! I see more of a Conan O’Brien resemblence than Alfred E. Neuman, but that’s just me. Of course, my question is this: If the boy’s parents are well to do, why does he still have a large gap between his teeth? Wouldn’t his wealthy folks use some of their money to fix their child’s dental work? Maybe they don’t believe in dentists? As for my name suggestion, I say his name is Alvin Freemont.

    1. “Alvin” goes into the hopper; thanks! Oh, the teeth… would you believe his family has British ties, and views bad dentistry as a sign of the upper classes there? Well, then would you believe I didn’t know about his moneyed background before I finalized a design I was happy with?

      And for those of you who missed it (and why would you?), Tom and I collaborated with the artwork on the previously-mentioned first appearance of this kid. It was a fun story to work on.

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