Hot off the press: Watusi #28!

Watusi28ColorCoverHappy new comic book day! On July 3rd, Smeary Soapbox Press once again joins the ranks of publishers with newly-released comics with the first new Watusi digest in far too long! Here’s the scoop:

In the first story in Watusi #28, Watusi tries to get help from his friends and neighbors in Wonder Valley in order to return W-Tusi25 — the talking dog of the future — back to his home in the 26th century. In the second story, W-Tusi25 is swept up in the timestream, only to be deposited in a most dire situation! With story and art by Dale Martin (collecting the storyline from, the issue guest stars Professor Harvey, Mitchell, Minerva Stone, Rocket Rockne, and [SPOILER AVOIDER!]; the issue is topped off with a bonus jam comic by Keith O’Brien and Brien Wayne Powell. 16-page black & white digest w/full-color cover for $1.50.

You can find copies at Astrokitty Comics & More in Lawrence right now, or at my table during fall conventions. While I don’t have my full tour schedule figured out, I’m planning to hit a couple of shows in the area, and will share the info once I finalize dates. Of course, I’m also not averse to readers contacting me directly…

[August 2015 UPDATE: a .pdf version of this issue is also available in my online store!]

4 thoughts on “Hot off the press: Watusi #28!

    1. Thanks, Tom– I’m still getting a hand on coloring, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. (Less happy with how long it took me to color it, but that’s another story….)

    1. Yep! Aside from his flight suit, W-Tusi25 isn’t that much different than your average 21st century talking dog…

      Glad you enjoyed the comp copies– I appreciated your contribution to the issue, and hope you’re happy with the addition of color.

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