50 cent finds: KC Fan Con #37

50centaCraig Klotz, the driving force behind kcfancon.com and Lawrence’s Free State Comicon, also puts on nice one-day shows in Kansas City that give me a chance to fill in my “want” list. This show’s success story: Shazam! #35 – now that I’ve got all those issues, it’s time to start working on the World’s Finest issues featuring the World’s Mightiest Mortal! But shows like this aren’t only about finding those few comics I’ve been waiting to add to my collection for years– it’s also about digging thru longboxes full of quirky and cheesy (and occasionally fantastic) comics to find issues that appeal to me in that moment…

Dazzler #10-11 (Marvel, 1981): I thought it was ridiculous for a disco-garbed heroine on roller skates to fight Galactus when I saw these on the stands 30+ years ago … and it turns out they are every bit as preposterous today. Reading these issues (by Danny Fingeroth & Frank Springer) did inspire me to reread Rom #26-27, though, since these issues led directly into that storyline (it was a busy couple of months for Galactus, as he was the villain in both stories simultaneously). Those Rom stories, by Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema have aged much better…

50cent2eFlash #249 (DC, 1977) & Action Comics #554 (DC, 1984): Both covers featured cartoonists drawing heroes to save the day!

The Hidden Killer (DC, 1998): Superman and a demurely-costumed Wonder Woman team up with Unicef for landmine eradication. With Ed Barreto artwork!

Marvel Two-in-One #39 (Marvel, 1978): Now I can finally find out how that Matt Murdock/Daredevil story I found at last year’s Planet Comicon ends!

Big Bang #19, 21 (Image, 1998): I’m a big fan of the Big Bang comics, but rarely stumble upon issues I’m missing. The “Origins” issue features a Jeff Weigel story, and I’ve always enjoyed his artwork in this series.

The ClanDestine Preview (Marvel, 1994): While I was expecting an informative peek at these characters I’m unfamiliar with, in addition to the beautiful Alan Davis artwork I got a bonus: a checklist to all his published comic work up until that point!

50cent2cSpider-Man’s Tangled Web #11 (Marvel, 2002): I figured I couldn’t go wrong with Darwyn Cooke & J. Bone, and I was right. Heck, I may even keep this issue!

Marvel Tales #32 (Marvel, 1971): I really enjoy these giant old reprint books, and this one features two Johnny Romita Spideys and a Gene Colan Iron Man. Just outside of my “50 cent” range I found a couple of others, including one with a Wally Wood Daredevil comic…

Snakes & Ladders (Eddie Campbell Comics, 2001): Guess I’ll find out how well Alan Moore’s performance art translates to the printed page…

DC Comics Presents #65 & 74 (DC, 1984), along with a dozen more issues: While I’ve never been a big fan of Superman, my love for team-up books is no secret, and this is a book I’m always happy to stumble upon at bargain prices. For a comic largely without a consistent creative team or ongoing storylines, they made the most of that situation, spotlighting artwork by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Joe Kubert, Jack Kirby, George Perez, and (in #65) Gray Morrow among others during its 97-issue run. I was especially taken by this cover to #74: regardless of who the creative team was (Bob Rozakis, Dan Mishkin, Alex Saviuk, & Romeo Tanghal, as it turns out), that cover made me want to find out what dire situation required Superman to need Hawkman’s wings (I was less worried about Hawkwoman, since it’s a safe bet she’d be fine by the story’s end … or at least be reborn shortly afterward)!


Ahh, they don’t make ’em like that anymore (sadly)…

2 thoughts on “50 cent finds: KC Fan Con #37

  1. You know, I had a feeling you had a new post up today and BAM! You did! Thanks for showcasing your comic finds. I have to admit I’m slightly envious you have a complete run on SHAZAM and I wish you luck in getting those WORLD’S FINEST appearances (Worth it for the Don Newton art alone!). Sounds like you encountered a rich variety of books in those longboxes! Never knew that Unicef book existed and I wonder how many of those type of “benefit” comics lurk out there beyond my knowledge. I have a fondness for DC COMICS PRESENTS. Your post almost makes me want to dig them out my collection and reread them. Happy reading and happy collecting, Dale!

    1. I keep holding out hope for a second Shazam! Showcase volume, as I’d love to see Don Newton’s artwork in b/w, but I think I’ll have better luck tracking down those World’s Finest issues. Plus, as a bonus, some of the issues I’m looking for also have Jim Aparo covers!

      Here’s the link to the GCD entry on The Hidden Killer. I suspect the increased coverage on Wonder Woman’s outfit was to make her appearance more acceptable in conservative areas, but I think it’s an odd solution since it’s not anything I’ve seen used before…

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