It’s “Draw Kid Eternity Day”!

My friend and Double Dip co-conspirator Tom Cherry declared today “Draw Kid Eternity Day.” The Kid is a character I don’t know that well, though I do remember him from his brief tenure as part of the Marvel Family’s supporting cast in stories drawn by the great Don Newton. It did make an odd kind of sense to add Kid Eternity to the roster of characters DC acquired from Fawcett, given the similarities between his origin and that of Captain Marvel Jr.


5 Comments to “It’s “Draw Kid Eternity Day”!”

  1. Dale, this is brilliant! It makes perfect sense that Emmett and Kid would cross paths every now and then! I would love to see their adventures! And you get bonus points for including the small ball at the end of KE’s sash. I chickened out on doing that for some reason on my drawing. Thanks for participating!

  2. Putting your “Draw” selections in a scene with one of my characters seems to be a way for me to get a handle on an unfamiliar subject, and I was pretty glad with how this (ballpoint on newsprint) turned out. I was glad I took the time to research further than the Newton World’s Finest story, too; the original images give the Kid a more elfin expression, and the little ball was clearer (I had thought it was just a knot at the end of the sash).

  3. When will there be a Draw Teebo The Clown Day? Then again, the three regular contributors to the Draw Days have all drawn me…

    • Sounds like I need to do a better job promoting Tom’s “Draw” days to the other artists I know. Personally, I’m hoping for another “Draw Hiram Lodge” day; while I wouldn’t want repeats on everyone, I have another one in mind for that character…

    • Very true, Teebo! Plus you were a major character in Watusi’s last adventure! Don’t be greedy!

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