Free Comic Book Day 2012 preview

Free-for-All! number 1Free Comic Book Day is coming up this Saturday, and I’ve just finished my item for this year: it’s a jointly-produced comic with my friend and KC-based comic artist Mike Sullivan. Free-for-All! is a sampler of our respective weekly online comic projects (Mike’s “There’s Something Happening in Crawford, KS” and my own “Watusi the talking dog”); while there’s not much in the way of content that our regular audiences haven’t seen already, it will hopefully get our work in front of the eyeballs of some new readers.

I’ll be distributing them at Lawrence’s Astrokitty Comics & More (15 E. 7th St., Lawrence, KS 66044), where I’ll be doing sketches from 11-1; Mike will be doing the same at Pop Culture Comix (9337 W. 87Th Street, Overland Park, KS, 66212). If you’re out and about, stop in and say hi, get some free comics, and maybe even a sketch…

Any day is a great day to read comics, but Free Comic Book Day is an especially good one; hope you’re able to take advantage of it!

[May 2022 UPDATE: a .pdf version of this issue (still FREE) is available from my Gumroad store!]

8 thoughts on “Free Comic Book Day 2012 preview

  1. This looks like a cool and fun sampler – exactly what FCBD is (or should be) all about! Hope you and Mike both have a great time!


    1. I really hope this is the first of a long tradition for Dale and I. The cover was fun to work on!


      1. I really liked the cover, too, Mike! The fact that your characters could see Watusi was almost a 4th wall breaker, but different. And of course the joke/punchline were perfect! Have fun on Saturday!


    1. I can’t say it always pays off with a boost in readership, but I figure every little bit of promotion helps. Plus, it’s a lot of fun when I do mine with a blank “sketcher” page– a perfect opportunity to do a sketch for someone they’re likely to keep for a while … on a sampling of my own work!

      Some of the favorite sketches I did this year were the new 52 Swamp Thing, Death (from Sandman), Chip & Dale (sans reference), and a “sum quod sum” Popeye (“I yam what I yam” in Latin).


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