From the Back Issue Bin: “20 From 920”

While jam comics are fun to help create, they don’t usually hold together as logical stories. Case in point, 20  From 920, a collection of jam comics produced at SPACE 2005. Contributors include Aaron, Tom Cherry, Gynn Silva, Rick Silva, Michael Munshaw, Drew Boynton, Larned Justin, Brien Wayne Powell, Adrienne Westmoreland, Ian Shires, JB Winter, George McVey, Matt Feazell, Chris Garrett, Mike Leuszler, and me.

I was reminded of this book recently while I was cleaning my studio and pondering what to do with some of my back issue stock. Over the years I’ve created a number of comics, many of which have little or no connection with my current work. I find it difficult to talk up old items that don’t fit in with the new work I’m excited about, especially in the limited time available at conventions or other events. Still, they’re often– like 20 from 920— fun little comics … so I think I’ll make this available as a downloadable .pdf e-book. Hope you enjoy!

[May 2022 UPDATE: the .pdf version of this collection (still FREE) is now available from my Gumroad store!]

7 thoughts on “From the Back Issue Bin: “20 From 920”

  1. This was a fun little comic! Thanks for sharing it both on your site here and as a PDF. I read it, then downloaded a copy. The stories were … eclectic? … strange? …fun & funny? Yes, yes, and yes. The stories never quite went where I thought they would, but it was fun to see the unexpected twists that always went somewhere interesting.


    1. As jam comics go, there were a lot of fun moments in there. It was a good group gathered together that night, everyone seemed to have fun … and a good little book came out of it, too!

      Glad to hear the download worked for you! I’ll probably post more of these one-offs from time to time. Maybe I’ll even dig back further and see what I can do with comics from before I started making digital files for my books (which began a little over 10 years ago)…


    1. That really was a great night. Of all the conventions I’ve been a part of, SPACE 2005 was my favorite, since so many of the creators stayed in the hotel that hosted the show. I can’t recall who all was involved with this page, but is the next-to-last panel yours?


    1. That’s always a fun thing about cons that I try and participate in, even if I’m not always around to witness the final piece.


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