It’s “Draw Hiram Lodge Day”!

My friend and Double Dip co-conspirator Tom Cherry declared today “Draw Hiram Lodge Day”, as a “day we honor the wealthiest man in Riverdale, often the voice of sanity in a world run by ageless teenagers”! You can check out Tom’s celebratory drawing here;  I was glad to be able to participate in it … even if I did start on it yesterday!

While I’ve never been a big Archie fan, I really love Little Archie for some reason. Both the original Bob Bolling stories and the clean cartoony style of Dexter Taylor have a charm that seems lacking in the main “teen Archie” stories. Fortunately, Hiram Lodge is a vital part of both series, so I can still enjoy his voice of sanity as he deals with Little Archie.

Thanks for the holiday, Tom!


8 Comments to “It’s “Draw Hiram Lodge Day”!”

  1. Oh, man, that is great, Dale! Now I want to see you draw a complete Little Archie story! Your Lodges are swell! Thanks for playing along!

  2. My pleasure! Maybe I need a Hiram Lodge-like character for Wonder Valley; now that I think about it, all my characters are too sympathetic…

    Other Draw “Hiram Lodge Day” efforts can be found here by Drew Boynton and Keith O’Brien.

  3. Well, Emmett can get a little grumpy at times, but I see your point. Nothing wrong having a jerky character or two in your cast!

  4. Hooray for odd holidays!

  5. Very nice! And in color too!

  6. This was very cool! I liked the idea of Draw Hiram Lodge Day, just because it’s an unusual theme. I mean, honestly, when’s the last time somebody asked anybody to draw Hiram Lodge? I procrastinated, but I did get around to actually drawing ol’ Hiram myself (but not until the 9th). I think he came out looking a bit like Tony Stark, and younger than he should be as well. I’ll try to get it scanned in and post it later this week.

    • Be sure to let Tom know when you do! I’m hoping he’ll schedule it again next year; I’ve got another drawing in mind for Mr. Lodge!

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