“Continuity and Vine” revisited: the island strips

When I closed out my old website there was a fair amount of content I wanted to continue providing a home for … including this “Continuity and Vine” strip from 2001. The island strips were some of my favorites from that entire project, before it veered into overtly political territory. Plus, from the creative side, it was gratifying to experience how they just fell into place– five themed strips in a couple of days. Hope you enjoy!

I’ve also been testing out e-books as a way to keep select out-of-print materials available. If you have an e-reader that can handle .pdfs, feel free to download the collection Days of Wine and Anthrax, where you can read all the island strips, along with other “Continuity and Vine” comics. Let me know how it works on your reader!

[August 2015 UPDATE: the .pdf version of this collection is now available in my Selz store!]
[May 2022 UPDATE: I’ve closed my Selz store.]
[January 2023 UPDATE: all three “Continuity and Vine” collections are now available in my Gumroad Store!]

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