A new look for www.watusithetalkingdog.com

Yes, I’m going to start making better use of my urls, so the Watusi strip is moving to www.watusithetalkingdog.com.

What does that mean for this space? Nothing for the time being, as I’m leaving the Isla Esmerelda storyline here for a while to catch latecomers. After that? Well, I’ve got a thing or two in mind…

3 thoughts on “A new look for www.watusithetalkingdog.com

  1. The new URL doesn’t seem to be recognized yet. Both when I click the link you included, and when I type it into my web address bar manually, I get a message that says “the web address you entered could not be found.” I’ll check back again later, in case it’s just still in the process of being updated.


    1. Thanks for the heads-up. Everything should be working now – while I had a bit of a hiccup this morning, it all seems to be functioning properly tonight. I’ve reset the links in the post to go directly to the wordpress url, so those should be spot-on, too.


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