Doghouse Funhouse minigolf hole! (pt. 2)

Here’s a peek at the completed Doghouse Funhouse minigolf hole, from the front & the back:…and a closeup of the turnstile and the word balloon greeting – it’s a dry erase board, giving me options for future uses:

I was pretty happy with how it turned out, but you can judge for yourself this weekend at the Lawrence Public Library Foundation’s “Caddy Stacks” fundraiser by playing through this work of art (along with 17 other creative minigolf holes)! I’ll be your Doghouse Funhouse caddy on Saturday from 11-1, giving out prizes for holes-in-one, so stop by and say “hi” (or look for me at the after-hours event that night)!

[January 2023 UPDATE: this post originally appeared as a footer to that week’s Watusi episode.]

7 thoughts on “Doghouse Funhouse minigolf hole! (pt. 2)

  1. I can’t predict where Emmett’s storyline is heading, but Watusi’s ends with the pilot landing the plane on the Hudson River, right? And color me green with envy with Watasi’s minature [golf] hole! It looks great and now I want one! Good luck with the fundraiser!


  2. Tom needs to be careful how he praises your miniature golf structure. But I totally agree that it is a wonderful piece of work and almost makes me want to hire you to construct a course in our cellar!


    1. While it was a lot of fun to make, this project was a more time-consuming process than I thought it would be. So I probably won’t be starting a minigolf sideline anytime soon.

      On the other hand, the library got sponsorship to do this fundraiser again next year, and I have a good idea for a Human Spring golf hole…


  3. Looks like trouble’s a-brewin’ for both sub-stories…Good thing the frame story is proceeding calmly! And the Doghouse Funhouse looks great! I’m really impressed. I’m going to make my best effort to see it in action this weekend.


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